October 4, 2008 – 6:32 am

Most of you will probably say that copying is the same as cheating!

The difference is that you should copy "how" to do something not the end result.

In other words it’s OK to copy how to solve a math problem… but if you just copy the answer only (cheating), then you really haven’t learnt anything have you?

I define copying as identifying skills and reproducing them.

Even baby animals imitate or copy older adults so they can learn survival skills such as hunting for food and obtaining shelter.

If these skills aren’t copied then they probably won’t survive… just like you in the "college jungle".

Animals kept in captivity are deprived of being able to copy these learning skills and in most cases, when they’re returned to the wild, they have little chance of survival.

In the same way… to survive exams you have to be shown the skills necessary to do so, copy them, and to be able to reproduce those skills when required.

Let’s think about tennis as an example… your coach usually shows you how to play a certain shot and you have to copy and reproduce it. Your success as a tennis player depends on how well you’ve copied what the coach has shown you.

Your progress in tennis, or any other learning process, is measured by how well you’ve copied and mastered the skills involved.

These skills have to firstly be identified because how can you copy and master them if you don’t even know what they are in the first place?

My point is… in the sport of "studying for exams", the skills required are very rarely shown to you, and even if they are, how many have been copied and mastered?

How many of you right now could identify more than a few study skills that you need to master your exams?

I could show you 24 different study skills that I had to master before I got A’s in my exams. I could also show you a very simple 6 step system that uses all these study skills so that you too can become a mental athlete and survive in the "exam jungle".

All you have to do is copy what I did (and it’s not cheating!).

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Robert Seiler is an authority on how to get A’s in your exams and has helped thousands of students around the world ace their exams. To learn more about how he can help you get A’s in your exams, visit his site at

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